VŠB-TU Ostrava

Laboratory of SPM microscopy

Laboratory equipment:

Ntegra Prima platform (Scanning probe microscopy-based instrumentation) with the posibility to perform the measurement in external magnetic field (in-plane, out-of-plane).

Investigated materials: :

Fero and/or feri magnetic layers, multilayers, nanocrystalline and amorphous ribbons, volume and thin films, crystals.

Offered services – measured parameters:

SPM mikroskopie
SPM mikroskopie

External field parameters:

Longitudinal magnetic field generátor (in-plane)
Magnetic field:flat magnetic poles up to
1,2 kGs
shaped magnetic poles up to
2 kGs
Gap between poles:18 mm7 mm
Field direction: in planein plane
Sample: up to Ø 15x3 mm 
Transverzal magnetic field generátor (out-of-plane)
Magnetic field: 1 kGs
Field direction:out-of-plane
Sample:up to Ø 30x3 mm

Laboratory of SPM microscopy
Laboratory of SPM microscopy