VŠB-TU Ostrava

Ing. Iva Tkáčová, Ph.D.

Personal Details

Place of birth:Opava
Tel.:+420 59 732 3112


2012 – Master's studies: Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU), Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (FNSPE), Field of study: Mathematical Engineering, Specialization: Mathematical Physics (awarded degree: Ing.)
2012 – 2017Ph.D. studies: FNSPE CTU in Prague, Field of study: Mathematical Engineering, Specialization: Mathematical Physics,


2013 – 2016Young researcher, Department of Physics, FNSPE CTU in Prague
2017 – nowAssistant lecturer, Department of Physics, Technical University of Ostrava

Publication activities

Number of publications (WoS):4
H-index (WoS):3
Number of citations (without self-citations):31
Number of citations (including self-citations):33


Quantum and classical optics, quantum information, Riemann Zeta and Xi funcion

International experiences/stays abroad

2011 – 2017Active participation on international conferences (talk): AQuA Student Congress on Quantum Information and Computation (London, 2013); Quantum Simulations and Quantum Walks (Durban , South Africa, 2014); Student Colloquium and School on Mathematical Physics (Stará Lesná, Slovakia, 2015); School and Workshop on Mathematical Physics: Physics in fuzzy spaces (Stará Lesná, Slovakia, 2016)

Active participation on international conferences (poster): International Congresss on Mathematical Physics (Aalborg, Denmark, 2012); Noise Information and Complexity at Quantum Scale (Erice, Sicily, 2013); Workshop on Quantum Simulations and Quantum Walks (Pisa, Italy, 2013); Canadian Student Conference & Summer School on Quantum Information (QSSQI, Guelph, 2014); Central European Workshop on Quantum Optics (Warsaw, Poland, 2015); CoQuS Summer school (Vienna, Austria, 2015); International School of Physics „Enrico Fermi“: Foundations of quantum theory (Varenna, Italy, 2016); Workshop of Quantum Simulations and Quantum Walks (Prague, Czech Rep., 2016); Conference on Quantum Information and Quantum Control (Toronto, Canada, 2017)

Additional: Workshop on Quantum Tomography (Singapore, 2011); Summer school on Quantum Information, Computing and Control (QuICC, London, 2013);
2016 – Wigner Research Center Budapest, Dr. Tamás Kiss, 2 weeks; Ulm University, Institute of Quantum Physics, cooperation with prof. Wolfgang Schleich, 3 months.
2017 – Ulm University, cooperation with prof. Wolfgang Schleich (Institute of Quantum Physics), prof. Helmut Maier (Institute of Number Theory), prof. Dirk Lebiedz (Institute of Numerical Mathematics), 2 weeks.

Research projects

Team member

2011 – 2012Student grant competition (SGS), "Solvable models in physics and information theory" (principal investigator: prof. Ing. Goce Chadzitaskos, CSc.).
2013 – 2016GAČR, "Utilization of quantum walks potential" (principal investigator: prof. Ing. Igor Jex, DrSc.).
2013 – 2015Student grant competition (SGS),"Structures and applications of mathematical physics" (principal investigator: doc. Ing. Libor Šnobl, PhD.).
2016 – 2018Student grant competition (SGS), "Dynamics of complex quantum systems" (principal investigator: Ing. Jaroslav Novotný, PhD.).

Organization of international conferences

Helped with organization of "Workshop of Quantum Simulations and Quantum Walk" (Prague, November 2016, http://wqsqw2016.phys.cz/)